Battery and Sound volume widget for Awesome WM

Very simple widgets for Awesome - battery widget which shows status of the battery and also includes a popup message when you have less than 15% of power left and a volume widget which shows an icon which represents the sound volume.

Get list of currently logged users

For monitoring of Alfresco we needed to somehow get a number of users currently logged in Alfresco. Here I'm showing how to easily get number of such users as well as list of usernames using simple webscript.

REST call monitoring extension for AppDynamics

AppDynamics is platform which allows to monitor many aspects of the application - from user interaction to performance of SQL calls to database. It has nice platform for custom extensions which provides all kind of metrics. Here I'd like to show how to create a custom extension which makes a rest call to some webservice (which provides some interesting metrics about application) and sends them to the AppDynamics controller.

Some useful Alfresco queries

I would like to share some of SQL queries for Alfresco database which could be useful.

Solving Lenovo m5400 touchpad problem

After several days of using my Lenovo m5400 I faced serious problem with built-in touchpad. Sometimes it didn't work at all, sometimes every touch I made was understood as scrolling, sometimes it was stuck for several seconds and started to work again. Here is solution to this problem!

Awesome wm quickstart

I am big fan of Ubuntu, but I've never liked the Unity shell, so I was using a Gnome shell mostly. But recently I decided to switch to the Awesome window manager. I watched few videos of it and I quite liked the idea of being able to control size and number of windows per workspace. So I've installed it and here want to share some of my problems with solutions.

Customize drag-and-drop component

Probably you even didn't have enough time to have a look on pop-up window because in case of successful upload it immediately hides. Which is quite sad because it could show a bit more to the user than just a status of upload. I will show how to improve this component and get a bit more from it. This article is split in two parts. This one covers the UI changes. The second one will show how to extend functionality of upload webscript. I'll post a link to it here when it would be written.

Enable document view event for RM audit

I was quite surprised when discovered that out-the-box alfresco RM doesn't audit document view action. After suffering for a while I've finally managed to turn it on!

Connect to alfresco database

For better understanding of Alfresco sometimes it's needed to see Alfresco tables. Here I'm showing how to connect to Alfresco Postgre database on a server and to h2 database during development.

Some useful regex tips

Recently I've started discovering some new features of regular expressions which I didn't know before. Here I want to share some of these discoveries. Also I would like to write some useful patterns which are needed sometimes, but to write them from scratch could take some time.