Client is missing an icon

I didn't have an icon for Rambox and finally found how to add it

Awesome WM customization / development setup

Lockscreen for AwesomeWM

A few-liner lock screen for Awesome WM using i3lock.

Toggle systray visibility in Awesome WM

Simple trick to make awesome look more clear by hiding the systray using keyboard shortcut

Awesome taglist for Awesome WM

It's cool coincidence that default number of tags is the same as number of letters in 'AwesomeWM', isn't it? =)

Simple calendar widget for Awesome WM

I've been using Awesome for quite some time - more than 4 years already, and from time to time I needed a simple calendar widget - without any integrations, styles and dependencies, as simple as possible. I tried few but didn't like them. And only today I finally decided to try to make such calendar widget for Awesome. It turned out that it's quite simple.

Weather widget for Awesome WM

Tutorial on how to create a weather widget for Awesome WM v.4.

Widget notification for Awesome WM

Just want to share two possible ways of having widget notifications/information.

Upgrading to Awesome WM 4

Several things I did after upgrading to Awesome WM 4.0

Mouse Battery status widget for Awesome wm

Quick tutorial on how to create widget which displays battery status of a wireless mouse

Making fn-keys work in Awesome WM

After switching to Awesome from Unity I didn't use fn-keys at all - I simply remapped their functionality to different shortcuts with mod4 key. But after sometime of using Awesome in a dual-boot system alongside with Windows made me crazy each time remembering which shortcut to use to change volume, or brightness. Here I want to show how to make some of fn-keys work in Awesome.

Native user automation tool for Awesome WM

When I was using Windows I really liked the AutoHotKey tool. After moving to Linux and Awesome WM I missed some of the features of AHK, but finally I found time to investigate the alternatives and came up with native solution for Awesome WM, which I'd like to share.

Spotify integration with Awesome WM

After moving to Spotify I was feeling myself helpless without possibility to pause/play tracks with keyboard shortcut as I did it with Rhythmbox. And also could be cool to display current track in the wibox. Here is what I came up with.

How to create widget for Awesome WM - part 2

It's a second part of tutorial about creating simple widgets for Awesome WM. In this part we'll add a notification popup which will appear when mouse enters the widget area and will show rates for several other currencies.

How to create widget for Awesome WM

Here is tutorial on how to create simple widget for Awesome WM. As an example we'll create a text widget which will show currency rate. The given approach is very flexible since we will use the output of a script, so depending on your knowledge/experience you can use any language (bash, python, ruby or even groovy or java). Another good thing here is usage of DBus to send messages between scripts and Awesome.

E-mail widget for Awesome WM

Email widget for Awesome WM

Use DBus instead of pread/popen/spawn_in_shell in Awesome WM

After I started to use some widgets in Awesome I've noticed that sometimes it freezes for several seconds, so I cannot switch between tags or run

Rhythmbox integration with Awesome WM

Rhythmbox provides tool to control running instance from terminal, which is very good feature. With it's help it is very easy to create a widget which displays currently playing song. Also here I'm showing how to add some shortcuts to control music.

Use Google Keep in Awesome WM

Battery and Sound volume widget for Awesome WM

Very simple widgets for Awesome - battery widget which shows status of the battery and also includes a popup message when you have less than 15% of power left and a volume widget which shows an icon which represents the sound volume.

Awesome wm quickstart

I am big fan of Ubuntu, but I've never liked the Unity shell, so I was using a Gnome shell mostly. But recently I decided to switch to the Awesome window manager. I watched few videos of it and I quite liked the idea of being able to control size and number of windows per workspace. So I've installed it and here want to share some of my problems with solutions.