Juniper VPN on Ubuntu (part 3)

Finally there is a super easy way to use Juniper VPN on Ubuntu (and probably on other distributives as well).

Juniper VPN on Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit (part 2)

Juniper VPN on Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit

I faced an issue running Juniper on Ubuntu 16.04. Some of the solutions I found wasn't working (like install 32-bit openjdk and firefox), others took to much time to set up and were quite fragile (like setup VM with 32-bit Debian, run Juniper applet on it and use this VM as proxy). So here is my solution which I already successfully tried on 3 laptops with 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04.

Rhythmbox integration with Awesome WM

Rhythmbox provides tool to control running instance from terminal, which is very good feature. With it's help it is very easy to create a widget which displays currently playing song. Also here I'm showing how to add some shortcuts to control music.

Use Google Keep in Awesome WM

Battery and Sound volume widget for Awesome WM

Very simple widgets for Awesome - battery widget which shows status of the battery and also includes a popup message when you have less than 15% of power left and a volume widget which shows an icon which represents the sound volume.

Awesome wm quickstart

I am big fan of Ubuntu, but I've never liked the Unity shell, so I was using a Gnome shell mostly. But recently I decided to switch to the Awesome window manager. I watched few videos of it and I quite liked the idea of being able to control size and number of windows per workspace. So I've installed it and here want to share some of my problems with solutions.