Google Analytics

To enable Google Analytics create an account here. Then add your tracking id in config.xml, it should look something like UA-********-1

Yandex Metrica

To enable Yandex Metrica you need to register, create a ‘counter’ and then copy-paste it’s code in /_includes/yandex-metrica.html file.


To use this feature you simply will need to create a markdown file for each tag which you are using in you site in tag folder. To simplify this procedure there is an /admin page, which outputs the bash command which you just need to run inside tag folder of your site. Also don’t forget to rerun it when you add a post with new tag.


To enable Disqus register on the site and then just put your name in _config.xml. Comments could be switched on and off on per post basis, just put comments: true to enable them.