Social icons

You can have social icons which could lead to your social profile.
Out-of-the box it has:

They could be setup in _config.yml.

To add more icons do following steps:

  • choose an icon you want to use: Font Awesome Icons
  • add variable in _config.yml
  • add icon in social.html with check if variable exists:
{% if %}
    <a title="{{<your_social_variable> }}" 
       href="{{site.url}}/{{<your_social_variable> }}" 
{% endif %}

Share buttons

This theme comes with built-in share buttons. You can see them in the bottom of this post.
To turn them on in the header of your post add:

layout: post
title: "Be sociable"
date: 2016-05-15 16:25:06
description: Built-in share buttons!
share: true <-- here

If you want to disable some of them - go to _config.yml:


  facebook: true
  twitter: true
  gplus: true
  linkedin: true
  pinterest: true
  email: true

To add new buttons:

  1. add icon name in _config.yml;
  2. add section in _includes/share.html;
  3. add styles in css/theme.css.