Accent color

Accent color is color for some important elements, such as links, buttons, icons. Currently accent color is . This theme has some more predefined colors available in theme.scss:


// Several accent colors, choose one or create your own!
$accent-color: #3CA2A2;     // original =)
// $accent-color: #C38FD6;   velvet
// $accent-color: #8FD6B3;   greenish
// $accent-color: #35B4DE;   bluish
// $accent-color: #D2E354;   yellowish
// $accent-color: #52B54B;   green

You can use one of them (just click the button below to see accent color in action) or define your own!

, , , , .

Other colors

As Jekyll comes with support of SASS I put colors in variables. Here are the ones which could be easily changed:


$font-color: #dddddd;
$background-color: #292929;
$post-panel-color: #444;
$footer-background-color: #292c2f;
$note-color: #87CEFA;
$warning-color: #ffff00;


It is also possible to change the background pattern and color. This theme comes with few patterns pre-installed – you can check them by clicking on the images below. Or check the – it has tons of different patterns for background.

To change the color go to the theme.scss and change the background-pattern variable to the name of the pattern image file. To use custom pattern, download it from and place it under css/pics/background/.


// use this or pick any from /css/pics/background folder or from
$background-pattern: 'random-grey-variations.png';