Different image styles in Jekyll

Using markdown for writing posts is very convenient and easy, but since markdown converts to html there is not much ways to customize styles of some elements in result html, like styles of an image. Here I'll show how it could be solved.

Merge folders in Alfresco

Recently I needed to merge two folders in Alfresco, I didn't find any relevant method so I come up with following utility method to merge folders.

CMIS path query

Query for path in CMIS is quite powerful tool to get folders/documents from repository. Here is some useful examples/tricks.

Related posts (by tag) without plugin for jekyll

I'd like to share with pretty awesome stuff here! I'll show how to select and display posts, which have same tags as currently opened post...without any plugins!

Jekyll Dark Clean Theme

Here I want to introduce you the dark theme for Jekyll. It was forked from Scotte's jekyll-clean theme and customized.

Simple DnD file upload without js libraries

Simple implementation of drag-and-drop component based on basic 'input type="file"' HTML tag without any js libraries.

Perform an update using Angular's $resource and Spring Data REST

Use DBus instead of pread/popen/spawn_in_shell in Awesome WM

After I started to use some widgets in Awesome I've noticed that sometimes it freezes for several seconds, so I cannot switch between tags or run

URL monitoring extension for AppDynamics in Ruby

Simple extension for AppDynamics' machine agent to monitor URLs written in Ruby.

Rhythmbox integration with Awesome WM

Rhythmbox provides tool to control running instance from terminal, which is very good feature. With it's help it is very easy to create a widget which displays currently playing song. Also here I'm showing how to add some shortcuts to control music.