The right way to learn aliases

Just want to share how I managed to learn quite a lot of new and useful aliases.

Awesome WM customization / development setup

Lockscreen for AwesomeWM

A few-liner lock screen for Awesome WM using i3lock.

Juniper VPN on Ubuntu (part 3)

Finally there is a super easy way to use Juniper VPN on Ubuntu (and probably on other distributives as well).

FontAwesome 5 in GWT

In GWT it's easy to include CSS resource, but since FontAwesome is not only CSS - it's also font files (woff, eot, etc.) it took me some time to do it.

Add locally installed libs to Python SDK in IDEA

Rambox dark panel

Rambox doesn't have a dark theme yet, but you can mimic it easily.

Toggle systray visibility in Awesome WM

Simple trick to make awesome look more clear by hiding the systray using keyboard shortcut

Spotify integration with i3

Spotify has a good Linux client. But it doesn't support MPD, so it is problematic to create a blocklet in i3 statusbar or interact with Spotify using shortcuts. Here I'd like to show how it could be achieved.

Run Camel route for a given amount of time