Client is missing an icon

I didn't have an icon for Rambox and finally found how to add it

Google Meet meeting in one shortcut

The right way to learn aliases

Just want to share how I managed to learn quite a lot of new and useful aliases.

Awesome WM customization / development setup

Lockscreen for AwesomeWM

A few-liner lock screen for Awesome WM using i3lock.

Juniper VPN on Ubuntu (part 3)

Finally there is a super easy way to use Juniper VPN on Ubuntu (and probably on other distributives as well).

FontAwesome 5 in GWT

In GWT it's easy to include CSS resource, but since FontAwesome is not only CSS - it's also font files (woff, eot, etc.) it took me some time to do it.

Add locally installed libs to Python SDK in IDEA

Rambox dark panel

Rambox doesn't have a dark theme yet, but you can mimic it easily.

Toggle systray visibility in Awesome WM

Simple trick to make awesome look more clear by hiding the systray using keyboard shortcut