Native user automation tool for Awesome WM

When I was using Windows I really liked the AutoHotKey tool. After moving to Linux and Awesome WM I missed some of the features of AHK, but finally I found time to investigate the alternatives and came up with native solution for Awesome WM, which I'd like to share.

Polymer - DuplicateDefinitionError a type with name is already registered

Polymer based PDF viewer component

Customize alfresco footer (Aikau)

Here I'm showing how to change footer for pages created with Aikau framework, like Search result page.

Customize alfresco footer (Surf)

Alfresco footer appears on every page of application and actually there is not much interesting there - logo, copyright and some links. Let's replace it with your application specific footer!

Spotify integration with Awesome WM

After moving to Spotify I was feeling myself helpless without possibility to pause/play tracks with keyboard shortcut as I did it with Rhythmbox. And also could be cool to display current track in the wibox. Here is what I came up with.

Spring Data Rest - change of base path not working

I tried to change base path of Spring Data Rest in file, but for some reason it didn't work. The problem was in custom config...

Solving Angular JS CORS issue

Making HTTP requests from Angular was painful for me at the beginning. Due to CORS issue I wasn't able to make calls to external services. Trying different solutions I came up with one which I think quite easy to implement.

How to create widget for Awesome WM - part 2

It's a second part of tutorial about creating simple widgets for Awesome WM. In this part we'll add a notification popup which will appear when mouse enters the widget area and will show rates for several other currencies.

How to create widget for Awesome WM

Here is tutorial on how to create simple widget for Awesome WM. As an example we'll create a text widget which will show currency rate. The given approach is very flexible since we will use the output of a script, so depending on your knowledge/experience you can use any language (bash, python, ruby or even groovy or java). Another good thing here is usage of DBus to send messages between scripts and Awesome.