Awesome taglist for Awesome WM

It's cool coincidence that default number of tags is the same as number of letters in 'AwesomeWM', isn't it? =)

Juniper VPN on Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit (part 2)

Simple calendar widget for Awesome WM

I've been using Awesome for quite some time - more than 4 years already, and from time to time I needed a simple calendar widget - without any integrations, styles and dependencies, as simple as possible. I tried few but didn't like them. And only today I finally decided to try to make such calendar widget for Awesome. It turned out that it's quite simple.

Useful Kafka commands

Few useful Kafka commands

Weather widget for Awesome WM

Tutorial on how to create a weather widget for Awesome WM v.4.

Widget notification for Awesome WM

Just want to share two possible ways of having widget notifications/information.

Rambox dark theme

Rambox allows having separate application for messaging services, which actually is a simplified version of Chrome. The drawback here is lack of extensions, namely Stylish and CareYourEyes because some services provide dark theme out of the box, like GMail, but Slack or Telegram doesn't have it. Let's see how this could be improved.

Installing LTTng on CentOS

Never used Cent OS before it took me some time to build LTTng manually. Here is a summary of my suffering...

LTTng live streaming example

LTTng has quite good documentation, but sometimes it’s not very clear, especially without deep knowledge of this tool. It took me almost a day to setup live streaming of the traces.

Upgrading to Awesome WM 4

Several things I did after upgrading to Awesome WM 4.0